Current Projects

Here is a list of all the projects that I am working on. Follow me on Facebook for the most up to date information!



A collection of favorite messages of Dr. Brown that serve to encourage, give hope, inspire, prompt readers/listeners to live godly, and to correct.

Evangelistic Bible

A uniquely designed tool to assist those who are currently involved in evangelizing the lost and in strengthening weak believers. The Bible clearly highlights First Testament prophecies regarding Jesus, the Christ, and scriptures that reflect their corresponding fulfillment in the Second Testament. The Bible will also include:

a. articles that teach the worker how to respond to the various excuses that non-believers may use for not making a choice for Jesus;

b. Articles on some of the basic doctrines of Christianity;

b. Written Introduction for each book, with Study Outline;

c. Some Do’s and Don’ts of Evangelistic work;

d. Qualifications of a True Evangelistic Worker;

e. Index

The Seed of Faith

A book that will show how to strengthen one’s spiritual Faith by examining the concept and process that are involved in the germination of a natural seed.

Leveling of the Playing Field: Christian Dilemma or Christian Opportunity

The ongoing argument between those who purport that this nation was birth as a Christian nation, and those who say that it was not, has risen to great heights and much tension today. Both seek to use the government as the tool tomfurther advance their thought. This battle has torn this nation apart at its seams, as each of these groups seeks to control the direction of the nation. This book will seek to clearly outline the problems and issues, and it will offer solutions that could turn controversy into opportunity.

In Defense of Female Leadership in the Church

I concur with those who profess that the Holy Scriptures are without error. The main problem that confronts all who read the Book is one’s ability to rightly divide the Word of Truth. This ability requires one to study it, to put its contents in their proper contexts, and to refrain from imposing one’s own imaginations and thoughts upon the texts. These are imperative to truly understand the scriptures that seem to forbid, and/or to restrict female leadership in the Church. This book will present the writer’s case in defense of female leadership in the church.


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