Scripture Readings


(All Scriptures are from the King James Version of the Bible.)

Day 1

God and the little that you have are greater than the treasures of this world

Day 2

Walk like Jesus

Day 3

God keeps His promises

Day 4

God Proved His Love For You

Day 5

Love God. Love One Another

Day 6

Let God Lead You

Day 7

Will You Be Ready When Jesus Comes?

Day 8

Stop Worrying. God knows What you Need

Day 9

Live One Day At-A-Time

Day 10

Confess and Be Forgiven

Day 11

Be Not Afraid

Day 12

Wait on God

Day 13

Help in the Time of Distress

Day 14

What God Desires

Day 15

Obedience is Better

Day 16

Put Away Bitterness

Day 17

Let Your Light Shine Wherever You Go

Day 18

Help in Times of Temptation

Day 19

Redemption Through Christ Jesus

Day 20

Blessings for Obedience

Day 21

God is Our Provider

Day 22

The Love of God

Day 23

One Benefit of Pleasing God

Day 24

Contentment Through Christ

Day 25

Christ Cares for You

Day 26

God’s Treasure Can Be Ours

Day 27

Peace of Mind

Day 28

God is Faithful

Day 29

God is All You Need

Day 30

Sign of a True Disciple